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Congratulations on making this decision to stop smoking!

After you have registered, be sure to check out your email confirmation -  It contains links to several PDF files containing techniques to deal with any urges or cravings and a summary of tips to eliminate or greatly reduce ANY urges or cravings dealing with smoking. 

       Cost of the program is $397 

Consider how much you spend TO smoke - on average a pack of cigarettes is $5.  If you smoke 1 pack a day that is approx. $150 a month or $1,800 a year, which does not account for any long-term negative health issues associated with the habit. 

Stopping smoking is an act of INVESTING in your health!


Here's how the program will take you from a smoker to a permanent non-smoker:

Day 1  

              *  I'll review what smoking is doing to your body.  Learn how to shorten the time it 

                  takes to flush the body of chemicals contained in cigarettes and help the body             

                  balance back to normal.

              *  Tips to eliminate or greatly reduce urges and cravings.  (Print out the PDF         

                  files from the private FB Group to easily follow along). 

              *  Techniques to manage stress.  (Also written out for you on PDF file found in FB Group).

              *  How the conscious and subconscious minds process information, and why this is 

                  important when dealing with habits. 

              *  Discuss myths and truths about hypnosis. 

              *  Review what to expect on Day 2 as you experience the relaxed state of hyposis.

Day 2

               *  Today's the day -  you will throw out your cigarettes and become a non-smoker! 

               *  Hypnosis Session 1 - Prepare by getting rid of any left over cigarettes, lighters and       

                   ash trays.  (Ideally you should do this before our time together).                                          

               *  Relax using guided hypnosis to say good-bye to the habit of smoking and  all urges                       and cravings. 


Day 3 -   

              24 hours as a non-smoker! 

              *  Attendance is optional but recommended if you are struggling   

              *  Review techniques to use as you transition to a non-smoker.  Hold

                  participants accountable to taking new actions. 

              *  How do you want to fill your extra time? 


Day 4  -

              48 hours as a non-smoker! 

              *  Attendance is optional but highly recommended if you are struggling

              *  Check in to deal with challenges.  Hear how you are managing process. 

              *  Offer suggestions to help you over any hurdles.

Day 5  - 

               72 hours as a non-smoker!  

               *  At this point your body is clear of any of the toxins and chemicals

                   associated with smoking.  HIGHLY recommended for all participants.

               *  Hypnosis Session 2 - Use hypnosis to balance the body senses,         

               *  Acknowledge your success.  Go over details of how to stay in touch and receive                               updates on upcoming video series to help with stress, and other issues.