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A Proactive Plan to Manage Diet and Health
Proactive Plan Front Cover.jpg

This book is a short, easy to understand guide so you can BEGIN right now to take corrective action and FIGHT the dis-ease within.  


Imagine you or a family member just received a diagnosis of cancer, or another life-altering health issue! 


After the initial shock wears off and you find your breath, you have what seems like a million decisions to make.  It's unknown territory and not where you chose to be.  But you ARE here and must decide how to move forward.  


That's where this book can help.  Whether you decide to make change in order to PREVENT illness, or choose to turn to food as medicine to heal, you'll receive a ton of information in a few pages.  

It's only 28 pages...but it's 28 pages that can change your life in a positive direction!!

It's priced at an affordable $4.99.  

Food is medicine!! 

Use it to starve disease while feeding wellness.

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