Shift Your Thoughts, Shift Your Life

Shift Your Thoughts, Shift Your Life

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Are you ready to get control of those thoughts that are pulling you down, or driving you in a direction that feels bad or is damaging your health?  This book will help you define your goals and beliefs and begin to make small shifts to feel better and gain control of your life instead of allowing life to toss you around.  I specifically address how to break habits such as smoking, addictions.  Let go of those things that weigh you down, such as fears, guilt, regret, stress, depression, and excess physical weight.  Isn't it time to feel better!?!  Take action today!

  • Book Organization

    The book is divided into 5 sections:

    The Foundation - Provides the basic principles of the consicous and subconscious minds and how they process data

    Mind -  Full of techniques and forms to assess where you are, where you'd like to be emotionally, and how to move forward to make that shift.

    Body -  Basic tips to work with the body.  Specific tips to stop smoking, deal with addictions, release weight, and heal.

    Spirit - Thought provoking articles to expand your perspectives about life.

    Journal Forms -  For those who like to track their progress several forms are offered to easily help you stay focused on your goal(s).  More will be added as time permits.  



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