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Shift Your Thoughts, Shift Your Life

The book is still just making it out to the public.  Reviews are trickling in.  Here are the early comments from readers.  

"I am in love with your book!!  I am still exploring.  Making progress at making time to read.  This is a tremendous investment in me.  There are so many nuggets and ways to self-exploration.  It's incredible!"  - RH 02/11/2021

"It’s concise and easy for my clients to use on their own. Everyone has some area in their lives that this book can effectively address and be used as a helpful tool through whatever process they are going through. The writing and presentation of it exudes Judy’s heart felt caring of others." JE 02/10/2021


"I recently read Judy’s book and it is the most informative educational book I have ever read. The Sleep Well part of the book helped me to realize what I was doing to prevent myself from getting rest and the Herbs part is my favorite! Learning what type of supplements I should take for various things has assisted me with my overall health and weight goals. This book is special because it offers you the opportunity to not only read but to write things down in it as you make discoveries. I have never taken the time to write down and evaluate myself before this book and now I do it everyday!"  HS  1/31/2021

Pick up a copy and come back to leave your review.

I welcome your comments.   

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