Shift Your Thoughts

Shift Your Life
Reading a Book

My book provides easy solutions for common issues we all deal with, such as:

stress, confidence, relationships, trauma, weight release, smoking, sleep, pain, fears, and personal growth. 

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Shift Your Thoughts, Shift Your Life is designed to help you formulate a plan starting with accessing your current surroundings, then choosing a direction forward.  You can manage those steps so you are in control of how quickly you                                                                        make changes in your life and how much                                                                          change you can handle at one time.  

                                                            Unlike a fiction story, my book is set up so that                                                                you can go directly to topics you feel are                                                                          important to address.  You'll find quite an                                                                          extensive Table of Contents to help you pick out                                                              topics important to what you need to read each                                                             day.  The body-mind-spirit connection is                                                                           intimately linked together so as you make                                                                         change in one area, you will notice shifts in the                                                                 others. 


Are you dealing with excessive stress, anxiety, fears, or habits?  Is your health an issue, or desire to release excess weight?


Maybe it's time to say good-bye to smoking or another addiction, or you just generally want to feel better.  Are you curious about expanding your conscious connection or exploring what is beyond this place? 

This book is easy to read to help you make positive change....

one small step at a time.


It's all here.  Every form, subject, and most techniques I use with my clients (and some I created when writing this book) is provided for you. 


                                                             Maybe it's time to say good-bye to smoking or                                                                another addiction, or you just generally want to feel                                                        better.  Are you curious about expanding your                                                                  conscious connection or exploring what is beyond                                                          this place? 


                                                    In addition, I made available the forms, in both                                                                printable and online fillable style, so you can track                                                          your progress in the method that best suits your                                                              preference.  Use the forms over and over as you                                                              make changes.  Create your own online file folder to                                                      track your progress. 

 There are also many journal forms available for those that enjoy journaling. I will be adding to these forms over time so you can enjoy a diverse selection based on how you are feeling.


              Begin to explore actionable steps   

             Shift your Thoughts, Shift your Life!  


                              Coming Soon!!


I'm working on phone app (HypnosisRx),  to be a

companion for the book and offer a variety of audios to

enhance and support meeting your goals.  I'll make an

announcement when it becomes available.

Price   $28.00